adrian blackstock
TraceeThe Mouth of the SouthMolly RobinJan and TLittle MollyAdeBMaMawNelly's CameoFace to FaceNose to Nose
Memories are fragile and untouchable, often awakened suddenly by something as simple as a scent. They are fleeting thoughts, often lost or transformed with time and experience. It is as if the moments never existed.

I select images of women who have been poignant in my life. The images are all from a point in time before I knew the subject, some before I even existed. As I construct these images I allow my mind to wander in order to figure out what these women were like at the point in time the original image was recorded. I want to recapture an essence of a moment and to make a connection in my mind between the person they were to the person I knew. It is my way to learn about them.